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front of the tactics behind flung a blame to go
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Posted: Thu 02 Apr, 2015   front of the tactics behind flung a blame to go

On the one hand, for Soul Calibur Cry Asura, it is the only invincible tyrants breaking skills, it is an important skill to save engraved Asura. But on the other hand, blame the group will be able to cut a split wave blown monster surrounded by flowering, finally gather up the strange, and it was broken up, and therefore can not lead his teammates gathered firepower, but also allow the team to be scattered into a monster siege the risk. Ninth: Each Dungeon Fighter Online Occupation: floating on the Z key technical challenges, uppercuts, knee hit, day strike, air cut playing skills such as in ordinary circumstances do not constitute a hazard, and sometimes sweeping success can also enhance team output. But only under certain special circumstances, such as the monster has to float high, then the Z button when someone floating technology, the monster will fly beyond the height of the screen. When his teammates in the following impatient, one after another to continuously press the Z, the monster will be like table tennis again and again to fly to the top of the screen. At this point the only thing you can do is pray for the team quickly put assassin blue boxing jab punch or Bladestorm blame suck down or temporarily stop everyone, fell to the ground so strange to stand up. Eighth: Each Dungeon Fighter Online Occupation: knock skills like former ghost sword to wave play fighting, DFO Account tactics and so many skills with a broken tyrant knock effect. Used properly, can help his teammates or themselves out of the woods, you can quickly gather strange. However, if used well, his teammates even strokes + colorless big trick play is HiDungeon Fighter Online plug-h time you go kick flying kick to blame, do not blame the people in front of a computer to call you, oh. Seventh: Battle Mage: This trick invincible round dance club crawling technology can put in front of the tactics behind flung a blame to go. If you have gathered all the blame, leaving behind a slowly dawdle, this trick can be described as nirvana. And if tactics caught a strange pile flung from behind, you know that the consequences sixth: Magic scholars: lava lava bottle throwing bottles on the ground in flames immediately. This trick is to force injuries! Range is to force! Retarder effect is to force! But do not pray a big success, whether it's the team stood card was silly, it is not to force. Saying that people really do not blame the Magic MM, the full output of what's wrong thing? Do not blame the player's computer, I triple-core CPU, 4Dungeon Fighter Online external memory, open all cards have low quality meal meal, which in the end is how a Guards skills ah! Fifth: Magic scholars: Aerial continuous XXX is Magic. But the fault is not Magic skills, this skill is not the same.
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