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symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome
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Posted: Fri 24 Apr, 2015   symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome

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Both the hands and the wrists can be affected if you end up with carpal tunnel syndrome. This problem often affects those who do a lot of repetitive motions with their arms and hands. Statistics now show that about 5%, or more Valtteri Filppula Womens Jersey , or the population in the United States are dealing with carpal tunnel. While women are more likely to deal with this problem, men can also develop it as well. If you have this problem, you should take the time to learn everything about it you can, including the carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms, treatments available, and more.

Essentially, when there is sufficient pressure on the median nerve in your wrist joints to cause numbness, tingling, and pain, this will then be diagnosed as carpal tunnel syndrome. If your hands and fingers are required to do excessive repetitive motions, it can result in undue pressure on the median nerve due to the ligaments and tendons becoming inflamed Ryan Callahan Womens Jersey , and this is what causes you to experience the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Pain in your wrist, pain in the palms, or even pain in the forearms are all carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms. Although pain is a big symptom, you are also going to find that numbness in your hand and fingers is also a big symptom. Tingling can also occur in these locations as well and is considered to be a symptom of carpal tunnel. As you continue to use the wrist more and more, you will probably notice that the pain gets worse. Often the symptoms of carpal tunnel will get even worse at night as well.

All is not doom and gloom however because there are several treatment options available for people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, and in most cases the condition can be treated by means of non-surgical treatments. Because the vast majority of people would rather avoid surgery, they usually begin treatment by using ice packs in order to reduce swelling. Sufferers can also use special wrist splints, in addition to taking NSAIDs for the relief of pain and inflammation.

Of course, there are some times when conservative treatment options fail and more aggressive treatments may be needed. Surgery is considered an aggressive treatment and it is not used unless the problem with carpal tunnel is especially serious. If you have already tried some of the other treatments and you are still having the carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms, then your doctor may recommend that you try the surgery to help deal with this problem. For many patients surgery is finally the way that they are able to get rid of the symptoms that they are dealing with.

Tom Nicholson has spent years caring for sufferers of carpal tunnel syndrome. Please follow this link to see how he cures carpal tunnel sy
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