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I would not recommend an old map
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Dire Wolf

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Posted: Mon 27 Apr, 2015   I would not recommend an old map

I'm writing this is for those who want to see you do not want to see an undisputed top right corner of the X! First, the harder option abyss: Many people say that the Warriors love transmissions, this is not true, the king lost the greatest treasure of the Warriors, who summed up the law, I can challenge the transaction from the beginning, and now every day into the abyss, are not eligible for the experience, and we all think. Second, a very unusual situation depths: Like I said, a very big chance of SS, and a small possibility of normal flour and flour a big chance, a small possibility SS eggs for pain. I do not think that the difficulties SS, I was in South Gate. These are some SS APC, and 55 sticks, Ray Mount Code. Third, the so-called plateau card, it turns out to be undesirable, and very difficult, is the question of the possible, what happened in a few seconds remaining in the countdown, when it is not over fraud herself, told The facts proved that I can only say that it is a possibility. Fourth, before a comprehensive abyss equipment tower Online Warrior: This means that, before entering the room party depths flat map when the mob killing of equipment dungeon fighter online blue or white, and this panel The game is essentially a plateau, and interest on, only one, if sent, it is certain that the JP. Also, if it is on the way out of the egg supply now Towers blue warrior, do not pick up, and a chance to take the shipment. Difficulties SS ,, like all of us that the possibility of it. On the other hand, if the purple or pink, then congratulations to you, and this office depths of any powder or SS, RP you have something to say. Wash sleep. Fifth: the abyss of a specific scheme of the room, began after many people want to get into the depths of the material to clean another room to play, and it is not a feeling of A small ship at this point? Yes, in the depths of the room, do not take anything, everything that does not move, such as completion of APC and then select another, why, with the fourth. Sixth, the explosive powder called big team, credibility and desirable, as I said before, nothing at all DFO Gold can not be a hundred percent of the law, that's a possibility, if he lost in the depths of something pink room , basically powder can be attracted so? No, no, you should have nothing to lose, no pick up, and let it increases the rate of lost treasure. Seventh, APC for murder: Woman shot? The narrator?, No no no. I think my method, the method is always only one, at least in the first blood to kill, to stay until the end, which is to increase the rate of lost treasure of the road, as you think, nevertheless, I think. Eighth, the old maps from the selection abyss: In fact, I would not recommend an old map of an abyss, and I do not know what my problem RP, and I rarely appear in ancient lost treasure.
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