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I'm not sure Mojang were fully prepared
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Posted: Mon 27 Apr, 2015   I'm not sure Mojang were fully prepared

I can understand and sympathise with not wanting to be a public figure of the type that Notch has become over the last couple of years. It makes total sense. When being a prominent indie developer makes you liable to be co-opted into other people's movements without your permission, it's understandable to want to go back to Final Fantasy XIV game jams. From his perspective, and I imagine that of most of Mojang's senior staff, this is a way of drawing a line under the project and moving on. There's something to be said for closure. I'm not convinced that this is particularly good news for Final Fantasy XIV players or fans. Microsoft might have a good track record from Mojang's perspective, but they don't by almost any FF14 Gil other measure. Final Fantasy XIV games for Windows Live was and still is an awful piece of software. They've been famously bad at dealing with smaller indie studios in the past. The company seems set on chasing the dream of a closed platform when its success is grounded in the exact opposite. All of this is either directly or thematically opposed to the conditions that made Minecraft possible in the first place. Indeed, the Minecraft that most Final Fantasy XIV players enjoy isn't Notch's Final Fantasy XIV game—not entirely. It's the product of a huge amount of mods and addons working in aggregate, something that has emerged from the community Mojang enabled as much as the Final Fantasy XIV game they created. Microsoft has never been good at looking after gaming communities. They've got a lot to prove now. Phil Savage: There's a part of me that's surprised. There's a part of me that's not surprised. In some ways, Minecraft is the poster-child for open, collaborative, PC development. It's not so much a Final Fantasy XIV game, as a symbiotic relationship fed by the creativity of a community itself hungry for ways to express and create. That relationship has been bought by Microsoft. What? But then, that relationship was far from simple. That was highlighted perfectly with the furore over changes being made to the EULA—setting out more clearly what server owners could and couldn't do. There are whole businesses built on the existence of the Final Fantasy XIV game, and—however legitimate their business practices—they were going to fight any possible restrictions. I'm not sure Mojang were fully prepared for how fierce that fight became. To be blunt, Microsoft don't care. They've got the infrastructure to effectively manage and police an empire as vast and sprawling as Minecraft. At the same time, everything they do—especially in Final Fantasy XIV games—is defined by a preference for closed systems. I'm not sure they have the restraint to leave it alone; to let the Final Fantasy XIV game retain its openness and community focus. I hope I'm wrong. Tim Clark: I don't blame him at all. It's $2.5bn. Enough money to buy the moon.
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